Activate Anticipation to get to Emanation!

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Astrology brief for 1/17/23. Podcast recording below this, recorded on 1/16/23.

Hello from Liberty Lady-Astrology for Spiritual Patriots World-wide!!
Happy Martin Luther King day yesterday!

We are now in the last few days of Capricorn season with the Sun in Capricorn in conjunction with the US Birth Charts Pluto putting a spotlight on and highlighting the playing out of the US Pluto return. There is no turning back the truth is coming out in the wash!!

Mars went Direct and gaining momentum in Gemini as it conjoins the US Uranus in Gemini! Gemini is a wild card and a free agent of sorts, and Mars activating and spurring on the Uranus the Planet of transcending cultural and social programming. It represents freedom and free thinking and innovation and individuality! These issues are really starting make waves in this country and indeed it is time!!! A shifting of perception is happening for the everyday person in the US. Expect some surprises!

The Pluto return for the US brings up and questions our mission as a Country and about deep truth and hidden gems as well as hidden agendas that span vast amounts of time. This Pluto return has enduring and profound significance in regard to the question: Will we be controlled, or will we empower ourselves with our God given lives and freedom!? We have the most Holy and Divine of documents in the History of Nations called the constitution for the United states of America. The world is praying that we don’t lose this fight against a hidden enemy of the people, called the deep state, globalists, one world order who have brain washed and infiltrated every facet of our lives including medical, media, government, and banking, education and much more.

The people are starting to wake up more and more!! The truth movement is gaining momentum and I am excited to be a part of it and grateful to be alive in these times.

Mercury goes direct tomorrow on the 18th of January and as it gets on the move will also touch upon Pluto and then Uranus as well. I will talk about that later. But Mercury moving forward at this time and with the new Moon in Aquarius 1 degree 33 minutes on Sat. The 21st will start the rest of the month off with some escalating excitement for sure. And the transiting Uranus goes Direct on the 22nd. All the Planets direct then…so the show really gets on the road!

No time for fear, for the only thing to fear is fear itself! Another way to put it is that if you are too afraid to feel your fear then you are really screwed! Feel your fear and turn it into awe!! The flip side of fear is the Awe of life! IN this Country our north Node in Leo shows us that our destiny involves shining the light and courage! That is what we are evolving toward if indeed we do! No More division for that has weakened us tremendously. No time for that! This is a transpersonal as well as a personal time for discerning hidden truth!!!

More about the details as we go. Look to this New Moon in Aquarius on the 21st as a marker for a level up with righteousness, as the collective consciousness gets a frequency boost!! The more people that are aware together the better as the war goes on! We already won, but need to play it out so we can all learn who and what the enemy is and how they operate, so that we don’t repeat it again. Let’s stand together for freedom, empowering ourselves and each other.

Listen to the Podcast if you like. I did say Full Moon a couple times when I meant to say New Moon, but I think it is understandable.

More coming to you in the near future!