Virgo Super Moon 2/19/19

In this time of the “shifting of the guards” our awakening depends on courage,logic,truth and action! This New Moon asks us to see through illusion as we connect dots , we are being called to detect and to discern using logic and intuition…..tracing things back to thier origins releases toxic truths that we may not want to see, and empowers us to defend goodness with what really works against hidden poisons run rampant

About the Mega New Moon partial eclipse and 2019

Hi everyone!,

       We just had the New Mega eclipse Moon in Capricorn, setting the tone for the next couple week and maybe the whole year!

   With the Moon and Sun at the time of the New Moon sitting right between The Lord of Karma Saturn and The most powerful energy of Transformation of which is Pluto; as well as Mercury and the South Node in the Capricorn Mix.....Mars Just into Aires, and Jupiter in his home sign of Sagittarius squaring Neptune as she is in her home sign of Pisces . Uranus in last degrees of Aries slowing down to go into Taurus in March.....Venus in last degrees of Scorpio. All the planets direct!!

    The feeling that comes up in me is: Start it up and move cautiously....get done with what does not really help higher purpose.  Our focus now for the evolutionary progress with the Nodal axis is North Node in Cancer for the next 18 months. This year we will need to let go of control and power and get into emotions and caring . It will feel emotionally unstable for many especially when Uranus the great awakener goes into Taurus. The main questions are what do we really care about and how can we tend to that!! Family, Roots, relationships with real authentic emotional connections. 

  The Uranus in Taurus energy will bring in liberating and electrifying energy for value changes of all kinds, money, new inventive way for food growth etc,..and for body wisdom and earth changes can occur. Taurus is all about value and stability and is the first Earth sign who likes things simple and is all about what we need to be comfortable in our bodies and lives, and what defines us as far as what we have.  North Node in Cancer..issues with water and home. 

  So From now until March, Uranus is in Aries, to boost and birth us with serious reinventing of ourselves. And Mars now in Aries helping us move into that experience as we start to birth  the New Male Principal cycle into the world!! 

And Kiron moves into Aries this year bringing to awareness of the wounds of detruction of our sovereignty and individual self identity, through wars and aggression throughout the ages. This year if we want to, we can feel into it and heal it! And with the North node in Cancer we can make headway and progress in this new direction, as we let go of old structures that do not serve us anymore. May we have strong and reverent relationships with our Wise and Well Ancestors !!!, As they are the roots we spring from . We are the face of all our Ancestors….may we heal our lineage from ages of damage…..which has amplified into our culture and lives! May we be wise enough to cultivate relationships with the Old Well Ones for this to be possible.

It’s Sag Time Big time!!

The giant centaur rears up,nostrills flairing…eyes a blaze! It is Sagittarius time with Jupiter in Sag. now too…we get an adrenaline shot challenging and inspiring us on our path of destiny! The part of us that experiences life as a journey rather then a destination is unfurling. Half horse half human…instinct and logic can combine for fuel as we go beyond borders and confines…..we are more apt to leap into the grand exploration outside of routine! The centaur knows that all the people ( including the other then human people and the unseen) are citizens of the earth! We can cross bordors now and more easily expand awareness through unfamiliar experience, and look at things from a different point of view!!!    Scroll Down for audio recording about this Full Moon  11/23/18

Full Moon 10/24/19


We have a super potent Full Moon with a Grand cross involving Uranus conjunct the Moon in Taurus,Opposite the Sun and Venus in Scorpio with Mercury and Jupiter in Scorpio as well as the Nodes of the Moon NN in Leo 1 degree and SN in Aquarius of course 1 degree. Mars 17 degree Aquarius, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn, and Neptune and Kiron still in Pisces!

Can we strengthen the shape of things through transforming the unconcious and repressed into conscious awareness and remembrance of lost connections?  Can we grow our powers of observation to be able to live from heart?  These are some of the questions that the Planets present and illuminate at this time.

We are tested to see the deeper threads of reality



Audio recording is below the written report here.

New moon in Libra square Pluto .Venus in Scorpio retrograde square Mars in Aquarius. Jupiter in Scorpio Just until November 9th 2018.


Potent times now and we are being tested. We have help from the unseen world..from our Ancient Wise helpful Ancestors….but we must ask and learn how to relate again. It has been in human history, really a natural thing to relate to the “other then human” people, like the animals, plants, weather beings, mountains rivers , stars and planets etc. etc.   And it had also been a regular and natural practice to have deep and real relationship with the Ancestors of our blood lineage.  They are all here with us anyway!!  But we have to ask…and it is best to only call on your own Ancestors that are Wise and Kind and helpful and fully well, and well seated. We all have these wise ones in our lineages! There is much more I could say about this, and I am starting to dive deep into it and will be practicing and healing with it.

Right now I just want to say that there is a thread of reality that is in between realities that is lighting up!! It is charged up and telling us that it is TIME to figure out how to make real relationship with the mystery of life through allowing what is not working to die, so that a different and more profound experience can be born into apprecitation, and so new life for all can again flourish. This shows up also with Venus retrograde in Scorpio square Mars in Aquarius and Pluto squaring this New Moon in Libra on this day!! Very interesting  too…Libra wants to see and know what the other half is…..all the Scorpio energy right now is digging in and getting passionate and totally honest about such powerful secrets that we knew about long ago before ……..long long ago! before hierarchical patriarchy, fundamentalist monotheism and colonialism…..etc. Could this be part of the missing peice that many of us long for? Could this be the other part that Libra knows it is seeking ? But Libra likes serenity and doesn’t really enjoy deep messy digging and intensity like all this Scorpio energy has been passionate about.  I hate to say it, but too bad Libra dear…..for true and honest balance requires huge transformation in these times, and so we need to smell the stench and get our hands dirty ! Luckily we have so much now that is totally ancient and old…but comming up new again from 1000s and 1000s of years of being stuffed down!!! Of course I have Jupiter in Scorpio, so I kinda like being  a part of a deep intense and powerfully transformative time.

Okay more later! Feel free to  listen to the recording for some different stuff that is very related about this New Moon!

Share your questions and comments if you like or share with anyone whom you feel would be interested or that it could benefit!


Aunt Mary!!!





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