Yes indeed…an odd thing, being a spirit and a body!

Hello all of you wonderful and brave truth seekers!

Today,(Thurs 4/20/17), the Sun moves into Taurus conjoining Mercury. It could be a day or 2 of thinking deeply and slowing down a bit.

Pluto is stationary getting ready for retrograde. Issues of power and powerlessness in our personal experience can come up. Good self questions for a time may be things like: How can I involve the depth of my being in the affairs of the planet sign and houses being activated by Pluto without neglecting my other planets signs and houses? How may I experience my personal power here, rather than wield power over others or feel powerless? How can I feel more alive?

If we embrace the Pluto energy we can regenerate,release,and transform in ways that are deeply impactful,and we can find our essential resources. Or maybe thinking the other way around simply be more resourceful in seeing what is essential.  Some may have a feeling of pressure especially if you have planets at or around 19 degrees in the cardinal signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Though the power of Pluto brings inner transformation and depth, like how a seed is planted and has the power to burst open into a plant if planted in rich soil with the right water and heat, etc., if unaware of what it is or where it is coming from, or if it has been stuck down for  too long, it could feel to some like an internal pressure that is ready to blow. So find your release valve and don’t blow a gasket!  We also have Venus direct now squaring Saturn after she went back to visit Kiron. we have visited the deep wounds from the past and hopefully got a healing and a message of clarity and clearing. With Venus Square Saturn, we still have some work to do, but can take a little time to enjoy the process and kind of let it all sink in!!  It is a very odd and wondrous thing…this being a spirit and a body at the same time……

May Pluto assist you in a burst of new awareness as big and powerful as the Big bang, and as sweet and precious as your favorite budding plant.

If i can assist you in this endeavor, contact me. I am mostly available Weds, Fri., and Sat. afternoons for consultations.





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