Nothing So Delicious! New moon in Taurus 4/ 26/17)

Hi, This is the written part of the the New Moon in Taurus 4/26/17 report.

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These little ditty’s came to me while feeling what to say

Nothing is SOOO  delicious with the dance of spirit and heart, felt fully in the body!              Being thankful is a start!

In true Taurus form,we can now feel the Earth warming and softening,as the waters flow more freely; moving in relation to the ground. A leisurely soothing for-play…..a relaxing invitation. Powerful time for slowing down a little and enjoying ,of what is seen, heard, smelled,touched and emotionally moving.

So,  our spirits move through all our physical and energetic centers,and can be felt especially now. Just like  the earth is opening and warming for the new life of plants animals determined to distinguish themselves in such elegant simplicity.

Where this Taurus New Moon sits on your chart and where Venus is also will give clues to where we should GET STUBBORN about what is really, deeply,truly,simply of most value for us and to us in our lives! What is it that is important enough that we will keep with it no matter what!

During this New Moon,The planet Uranus, known as the genius, the higher octave mind; the unique and sudden /out of the box “,planet of weird” is being visited by Mercury( more of the left brain) in Aries going retrograde. So the intensity of freedom loving , sudden thought,and communication can be maybe overwhelming…..only if you don’t slow down enough to listen to the the heart beat of the Universe,and the rhythms of time! On the other hand, if we have been listening and learning; then huge bursts of inspiring insights and ideas can come fast and unexpectedly, especially in the next few days, this next month and especially again near and around May 10th when Mercury travels direct and conjoins Uranus again. There  is a Taurus Full Moon on May 10th also,so this will be wonderful some new and brilliant ideas to be initiated.  If we are getting nervous about safety,or security issues in any way, it is time to  slow down the thought process and hang out with a Porcupine, or maybe a Snow Shoe rabbit, ( if they will let you)! If they do then that is a sign that you are on the right track!

Venus plays a big part with the seeding energy of this New Moon. She is direct since 4/15, and her journey to the underworld involved a direct relationship with Kiron the “wounded healer” in conjunction, and with a square with Saturn, “Lord of time and of physical reality on the earth”. Saturn has been traversing back and forth and visiting and sitting on the Galactic Center ( Milky Way). I  spoke about this quite a bit in the past on the recordings in the last month or so.  The wounds from maybe ages of “old paradigm” illusions  being brought to awareness for healing and balance. Getting out of the rut of the guilt, shame, victim consciousness, and into using what we have learned for something useful and super creative. With Saturn on and near the Galactic Center,and the whole dance pretty much this whole year of 2017…it speaks to me of Legacy. Like what are we doing with our TIME!  What has lead us to this point? And  what are we leaving that can be useful and built upon and for what purpose. What feels really right in spirit as it moves and experiences in your body? These are the things worth paying attention to!

In the recording I kind of blurted out ” weeding through time, instead of weeding through e-mails”.  Now that is a personal example for in my life. In your life it  will be unique. There is something to be said though, about the conscious awareness of what we are thinking about, and focusing on that is incredibly important as we ” birth in”what we are becoming,personally planetarily  and collectively!

So yes, we are still going through the effects of the Uranus Square Pluto,  which was seeded in the 60s as they were in  conjunction . And with the Saturn square Kiron which was also happening in the the 60s. We still also have Jupiter in and out of opposition with Uranus and square with Pluto. Hugely important times of intense tipping points and unprecedented changes! Of course it all starts with your own inner self, expressions of your spirit,and sphere of influence.

We are getting ready for a shift in energy because the Nodal Axis is shifting soon ( May 10th 2017), into Leo/ Aquarius. This is also the day of the next full moon.  I will talk about this in days to come, but it is all about dancing on in to the New Paradigm,of higher conscious awareness for all!  Of course many more challenges, to really integrate the most positive ways to do this, BUT freedom of expression will be one of the main subjects it seems!..let’s get ready to Creatively Express (Leo) with our Higher Octave minds ( Aquarius).

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