Magical Buddah Full Moon!!

You can be the Holy Diving Buddha! This Full moon has a message……embrace your inner Buddha!  Buddha was not afraid,to transform his ego. Buddha sees the Buddha in everyone. And on this Full moon we can ask the Earth Taurus Sun and the Watery depths of the Scorpio moon to assist us!

Feel your body wisdom and it moves with your thoughts and emotions!   Your body wisdom will not lie! That is the message of the Centaur and instinctual. Listen to the unusual reformative ideas that can flash to you now, and see if how the higher octave thoughts (Mercury and Uranus), feel in tune with your depths and your instinctual natural body wisdom, ( Sun in Taurus and Moon in Scorpio).

The Jewels are hidden in the depths for a reason. One of the reason is the issue of right timing, and truth, reflected by Saturn on the Galactic Center (almost exact to the minute right now).

We are being called to embrace change that makes us feel fully alive now! Fully in harmony with our instinctual selves in resonance with our spiritual, mental, emotional,galactic…….it has to flow like a dance so we can TRANSFORM,(which is the high aspect of Scorpio)!

Fear not the unknown!!  Be the holy diving expression of your own inner Buddha!

There is magic in the mystery, and mystery in the simplicity.  The Spirit is in ALL of it!!

Wouldn’t it be boring if we didn’t have the mystery of the unknown?!!  Well now we could get a taste of some depth within ourselves,and into personal experience with the deeper mystery of our natures. Especially good time for magical enticement to keep us fed on the many levels of our beings!

See the Buddha in yourself and then the Buddha in you can see the Buddha in me…and everyone, and visa versa etc. upon infinite etc. …….YEA BABY! The holy diving Buddha baby doesn’t even need a wet suite……but put one if you want to just to test the waters…main thing is DIVE IN!!  WOO HOO!

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