2 thoughts on “New Moon In Gemini 5/25/17 Uncle Jupiter speaks!”

    1. He certainly seems like a reflection of the blown up situations and so yes, it probably does have something to do with it. I mean the expression I give is about all of us. And since he is a person in the spotlight….he really fits into all this,as his antics are seen for sure. I am not saying all of us are this imbalanced…it is about the imbalance that it has come to that we are all a part …if that makes sense! Right, he is a Gemini…and so maybe there is a magic side that we can’t see….oh God I can only hope! But his rising is Leo and the transiting lunar nodal axis just went over his rising sign degree….I haven’t had a chance to look at his chart in depth, but,he is definitively going to have to start getting creative. If he really is only about greed and power then, us Americans are gonna have to get really creative and involved, and jump into the frying pan….(Leo north node), if we want to keep any real freedom, and what does real freedom really mean…that idea could be changing on individual levels as this whole idea of who we are and the meaning of things has to be much deeper then the way most people live I think. This was bound to happen..as we wake up to who we really are though. The one good thing I see with Trump, is that things are coming out in the open more…maybe I am wrong, but it really is in our faces now, so we have to deal with it and cannot pretend anymore. Maybe this is a reflection of all of us on different levels of consciousness too. Thanks so much for your inquiry. I am surprised that the flute gave you chills, but i am delighted that it did. I have a bit of performance anxiety,and so do much better when I know no one is going to listen. But I gotta share more of what is in me…so I am just doing it. Practice practice practice, right!? Yea we are in incredible times, and it is time for what i call “The great remembering”…which has to do with the true history of our spiritual and practical lives on the planet. I sure don’t know it all…..i just know we gotta get back to the Garden. It is probably so simple but since we are mostly hit with crazy information from so many places at once in our everyday lives upon our psyches that we forget. I hope to be more then just another crazy idea/information dealer. There is some great stuff to learn from and to seed our minds and spirits with too ,don’t get me wrong! Did you think the audio was funny at all? hope you got a chuckle!! Well , you have inspired me to play the flute more on the recordings because you you shared the experience you had while,listening….experience is what it is really all about!! Thanks !! Hope to give you more chills!!!
      Thanks for your input, it is very valuable to me! Peace and love,


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