New Moon in Gemini Report for 5/25/17

Hi there everyone!

Uncle/ Aunt Jupiter Speaks!  Listen to the audio, check out this huge character in our solar system sitting in Libra the sign of the scales of balance and the message he has as he teeters back an forth with grand voice gestures of awareness and love!

Below is the written report.

Just a quick note to say that I did the free reading for the winner of the drawing. Her name is Caroline and she really enjoyed it, and is open to possible further astrological exploration. We really did get into some juicy stuff. She said it really helped her for her chosen path of endeavor.

This New Moon is in the magical sign of Gemini the twins!  Now is a perfect time for observing and perceiving the magical synchronicity that you can do well to get curious about now.  Gemini is about discovering all the combinations and connections as well as new patterns and options. Healthy curiosity to gather all the clues! Clues to what? Clues to the secrets of the world maybe! But it may not make sense unless we let go of controlling how the clues come together right now. It is not about more information, or misinformation. Look with a youthful mind,for with the Leo north node axis now, it is essential that we jump into the game. Let your inner child/teenager talk to you. It might seem dangerous, but we are being called into the jungle. We can evolve and learn much more now by being directly involved in something that calls to our hearts,and to expressing it in creative ways now.

The Gemini archetype is the troubador, the minstrel,the trickster magician,the coyote, the court jest,or even the clown.

The court jester was the only one who could tell the king the truth,and not be killed for it, because the court jester was not operating out of the ego stance.

In Shamanic astrology ,Gemini is a wild card and one of the free agents of the Zodiac.

We also have Jupiter inconjuncting Neptune, and Mars opposite Saturn,and Venus Squaring Pluto at this New Moon.

So it isn’t all fun and games. But hey, if we didn’t have challenges we wouldn’t grow!

So with the Jupiter quincunx,or inconjunct Neptune….it could be hard to see the truth and balance of a dream, or things could be unclear about how to be in balanced relationship and attune with the whole at the same time. Really I feel that at this time it is about embracing one in a healthy way and then the other in a healthy way…may not be able to do both at the same time at this time…. maybe later. Looks like we are having to revise through our dilemmas with Spiritual ideals and balanced ways of relating. We are getting ready to really live in the paradox of duality and being conscious and fully in heart with it. This takes alot of practice!

We have Venus square Pluto, so challenge between the Goddess Warrior female energy defending against the dark lords,the greedy and those exploiting mother earth. This is from the Shamanic Astrology paradigm.The energy of Pluto is about facing the shadow and the deepest fears, the descent into the underworld,and events producing chaos. You can see how this is playing out in world events as well as inside of each of us in different and varied ways.

With Mars opposite  Saturn it could feel like we spinning our wheels for a while. Hope this doesn’t smell of burning rubber, but that is a possibility. All of this is probably necessary, although we may not be able to see why at this time.

We have a lot of Air and Fire….can you hear the crackling of the bonfire,can you feel the air warm up!  Everything is coming out to play and showing up in massively interesting variety…plants, animals,human people, clouds, wind rain. I am even noticing a huge dramatic quick changes in weather patterns back and forth in the US lately.

We have Uranus trine Saturn and trine the North Node all in Fire!  I would say the timing is great for new and inventive ideas to start with a plan of step by step construction, that is brave and expresses dynamically.

If you allow yourself to get into raw perception now, you will be amazed at what is shown. Look at everything in your environment with the eyes of a child and let  it take you on a magical connect the dots dancing exploration. You may not see right away the purpose or meaning, but once you let go of knowing,or controlling what you think you want to know….well then is when you  really experience being in the now. Get in  touch with your inner journalist,or inner linguist, or inner Muse. Be curious with the life that is budding all around you…….listen and speak,and observe……. as we are in fascinating relationship to it all and with each other!



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