Pre-Full Moon update 6/6/17

Hello all of you!

Today we had Mercury move into it’s home sign of Gemini, and Venus into her home sign of Taurus. Yesterday Mars moved into Cancer, and the ruling planet of Cancer is the Moon…very much about home. The Sun of course is still in Gemini and the Moon today in Scorpio.

The Moon in Scorpio gives us depth and intensity of emotions for resourceful follow through, and changes signs tomorrow as it moves forward into Sagittarius. Today it was trine to Neptune, the planet of consciousness itself. In my experience today, there was definitely a very dreamy and mystical tone, that I enjoyed very much, which I attribute to the Moon in Scorpio in trine to Neptune. So maybe tomorrow and the next day  with the Sagittarius Moon we will be assisted in looking at the forest through the trees, as long as we don’t get lost in black or white fear based thought patterns.

Mercury in Gemini wants to learn and is mentally curious, and is buzzing in it’s natural sign ,and is there for about 2 weeks. Great time for seeing wonders that are  right in front of us that we may have missed.
Venus in Taurus is preferring good quality over quantity, and values putting her feet on the earth. She beckons us to take time to taste and smell, and see and hear, the beauty that is  all around and to really drink it in and experience it fully! She tells us that we must remember that this experience of being in the body is an incredibly valuable experience to be thankful for. As we enjoy simple and natural pleasures,we settle our spirits into our bodies, align our thoughts ,heal our hearts and this way step into more and more conscious co-creation!  She will be in Taurus about a month.

Mars just moved into the sign of Cancer, so this is action for security and safety as well as for care taking. This Mars can help us with our instinct on when to take action. Mars in the sign of Cancer is movement like the Crab, which is it’s animal symbol. It is super sensitive to the emotions and energy around it, for  moving with the defensive strategy that he feels brings him some kind of safety, weather that be emotional or physical or any combination.

Interesting mix of Air, Water and Earth signs being somewhat highlighted. We still have Saturn in Sagittarius, and some other fire. As well as the Nodal axis now with North node Leo and South Node Aquarius.

Uncle/Aunt Jupiter is in Libra slowing down getting ready to go direct very near the time of the Full Moon coming soon on the 9th.  He says ” Yea baby!  Hope ya all have been paying attention to my message,cuz when I go into Scorpio, all sorts of happy ,crazy intensity could rock you human’s world!!!!!”.  Jupiter will no doubt want to verbalize in his exaggerated way in the not too distant future. I think it would be wise to listen, as he really doesn’t need us at all, seeks to expand our understanding, and has a  huge amount  of weight to throw around!

The message I get for right now, is that we are all tuning in somehow in our own unique ways to what the next step is for our home…Our Planet, Mother Earth, how our bodies house our spirits, and different specific variations for each individual for their own issues of feeling at home, and about what is most valuable and worth defending for the future……and what all that is REALLY about!  How to be a spirit in a body and really do it well and with reverence for all of life. That seems to be the most important question at this time.

Give me a call soon, so I can help you tune in and align with the cosmos as we all discover who we are and why we are here!! I would love to help you get the best insight from this Full moon on 6/9/17, as it speaks of moving forward with a somewhat cautious strategy for healthier, and better ways for everyone!


Blessings, peace and love,


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