Full Moon in Sagittarius 6/9/17

This full moon is very enthusiastic, about new ways of communicating,  new ways of being in tune with Natural Law and learning about True balance and fairness.

Okay, so we are all a part of it. As we shift into the New Paradigm of balance between the natural male and female in ourselves,we effect change for healing, balance,fairness and beauty.

This Full Moon is highlighting the polar axis between Gemini and Sagittarius. Every sign has a polar opposite. When we use one of the polarities in a positive and aware way, it automatically opens up the ability to see and use the opposite side. This is real balance!!  This is what Jupiter in Libra wants us to see and learn how to do. Jupiter the planet of enthusiasm and faith, and lifting of spirits. Jupiter, the huge “benefit” planet that is almost a Sun,with it’s own solar system, who has been retrograde for the past four months just went direct on the same day as the Full Moon! Jupiter in Libra may have been to optimistic about real fairness, real diplomacy, or real balance. What I was able to learn was more about  the imbalances  in my own being, culture and the world. Now that it is going forward it would be great to look over the last 4 months as Jupiter tracks over that terrain again, giving us another amplification, but it is moving forward, so hopefully we took it in and didn’t take the grace it seemed to give for granted.

Now with the highlighted axis of Gemini Sun  and Mercury in it’s home sign of Gemini, and the Sag. Moon butting up against Saturn in Sag. as we speak, we can see and feel the emotions about communicating truths, and learning what is worth  long tern focus come into clarity. If we use this energy right now by doing either one of the polarities in a positive way, it will catapult you into the other polarity in a natural way. This is what polarities are for, because we are in the physical world with natural physical laws ( Saturn). We are in a type of duality here on earth, but we really don’t have to  live enmeshed in duality in the ways that most of live. We can actually learn the polarities and work with them consciously. For example if you were to totally immerse yourself in the positive attributes of the Gemini energy, which involves in the moment curiosity, flexibility,perceptive ability communication of all kinds, language, music,dream,dance art,science,astrology,etc,etc.. If you really got into asking the right questions and got many clues about many things, if you interviewed yourself diligently and talked to and listened to the magic in all the moments you possibly could…well you would automatically go into Sag. mode, because you would have connected dots because you had so many of the right dots, from asking the right questions with your natural curiosity that now you would have formed an opinion, or philosophy , or a bigger vision, or truth, and you would have created a new quest. All of that is Sag. energy. You could have got a big picture out of all the small stuff you put together, and maybe it would have give you some wisdom,because of all this perceiving. You then would have created something new out of it……a new view, new adventure. Something bigger to learn or to teach. You would then want to travel either in mind, or spirit, or body or all of it,to experience more,teach, learn, see more of other views and philosophy. Now , say you start with a quest, you know what your truth is and you are somewhat addicted to the certainty of this. This is very much Sag. energy..and used positively will balance out naturally as well. See if you have a purpose, a high reason and a creed for your life, you will most likely then always want to grow and learn more. To do this you will teach, you will learn, you will travel and explore other cultures,etc. You would then need the Gemini skills of adaptability and curiosity and the asking of the right questions. To teach is to learn and to learn is to teach. So with all the signs there is a fascinating polar dance…..balance that requires awareness. Sag energy can dominate in a way where one truth is the only truth, and one can cut out communication with this kind of thing. So that is where being aware and looking at others truths, and  being honest ( great Sagittarius qualities),can help. So if one works with only Sagittarius energy it can be one sighted…far sighted maybe, but one sighted, and this can be okay , but not to an extreme. Just as if one used only the Gemini energy with the magic of the moment and the inquisitive  versatility…always getting dots, but not connecting them…no vision, no quest or purpose….what is the use right? They both need each other to be effective and to be used fully!!! So this is one of the highlights of this Full Moon.

Also right now the Moon is butting up against Saturn and will pass over it very quickly. But as it was Full it was in conjunction with Saturn. Saturn is the father of time and natural law. Saturn wants us to have this wonderful experience of being in the body on the planet and demands that we be responsible,so that we can build our lives upon our loving Mother Earth. He represents the operating manual of physicality. Listen to the audio above and it says a bit more about this. Also at this Full Moon Venus just went into Taurus (her home sign),a few days ago ,and Mars went into Cancer a few days ago. They were both 3 degrees at the Full Moon and were in a sextile aspect which is such a sweet energy, and it is a harmony  bringing opportunity for them to work together…which is what we are really all learning to do now as we create a New paradigm of balanced male and female energy .This is all inside of you! We all have Venus and Mars we can use this energy for our inner Male and Female!

With this Full Moon we can glean a clearer awareness of what we are thinking about, talking about, putting our perceptive focus onto…this is very important because….as the saying goes, “garbage in,garbage out”. This is so true. We have the power to use our life force in pretty much any way we want to. So the bigger picture of what we are creating or not creating with our thought patterns and ways of communicating will become more apparent now.

This full Moon also speaks to me of Kinship. Kindred’s,Kin, family and familiars. Well we really have the same Mother. We really are not separate from the natural world of which we are made, or the spiritual world that we all come from and are made of. We are not really separate from all humans either. I find that finding my Kindred’s and being around the nurturing and caring love of people who understand my truths ( Sagittarius energy) with Mars in Cancer,  is being illuminated. So Family and Kindred’s of all kinds…are very important to me to cultivate and be at home with especially at this time. So keep learning and exploring and balancing….it is time…that is what the stars say!

Till next time,

Love and peace,




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