Written addition to the August Eclipse report in audio

I just listened to the audio,and I need to say a couple real quick things in addition that are important for this month.

The main theme I talk about in the audio below is the Leo/ Aquarius axis. Something I forgot to convey is that right now, being involved with other people that you can express with dance with,laugh with ROAR with is Very important. We can’t do it alone…because we really are not alone anyway and especially in this transformation. The Leo heart wants to be recognized and it has to be a personal thing in personal ways (Leo) that is with a higher or progressive purpose and in some kind of community or group that resonates with your ideals (Aquarius), and accepts who you are. With the planet Mars in Leo also, so close and kind of spurring on the action of recognized expression, it makes me feel how DRUMMING groups and DANCING groups and people JOINING TOGETHER AND MOVING HEART and CREATIVE ENERGY TOGETHER would be the most effective right now. It is a powerful energy this month. it is worth being brave and generous and getting out there! We can help the world more then we know in this way! With the Mars energy so closely involved…well it needs a positive expression,or it can get overly ego involved,it can get selfish and war like, but it doesn’t have to if it has a positive expressive outlet where it is seen and recognized! With Jupiter Square Pluto the deep shifting of awareness of true balance and relationship and truth is being worked on dug up and transformed! With Uranus and Mercury going retrograde this month also, there will be more intensity on and awareness of higher mind information and just information. What I mean is that there could be too much information to divert us from our intuition. So there will be an intensification of this, and so awareness is particularly necessary later in the second half of the month for staying free of too much mind bunk to be able to navigate and listen to your higher mind. It is really break out break free time and so this is why it is coming up for us to deal with personally, collectively and cosmically!

Please enjoy the audio below! Happy trails and may you break FREE into your true and highest self as you walk upon our incredibly generous and infinitely loving Mother Earth! Think about it….where else could you have these experiences on so many levels with the senses,the emotions the thoughts and the spirit all together,And with all these incredible beings to learn and grow and share and connect and play with…it is a wonder!!!
Okay talk to ya later! MHW

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