The Great American Solar Eclipse…. A Cosmic Interruption!

Great Solar eclipse on Mon. the 21st of Aug. 2017, moving through the US.

This is an epic event that we in the US will probably not see again in our lifetimes again. The Eclipse moves from Oregon to SC, in a huge swath through the US. If you are in the path of totality you will really be able to see it …make sure you have the proper eye protection!

Besides it being an incredibly dramatic visual, it is also an energetic that can be hugely felt by the collective and the individual for our evolving consciousnesses. This has been setting up and will be playing out for some time to come,as with most large astrological events.

This eclipse is a harbinger of change, but mostly it is a reflection of what we have become and what we still need to learn. Whenever great change is in the air, the old is ending and the new is beginning. This can be pretty messy and not so pretty, as we can see. But we have this beautiful Earth our mother and we are still here…we still have opportunity and beauty and balance , and love to share! There is SOOO much to be thankful for!

This is a Leo New Moon Solar Eclipse calling for us to look at where we keep our light from shinning. Where do we blame, or fear too much, where is there the childish part that just wants attention. Where have we succumbed to false beliefs so that we can fit in, or just because we may have let ourselves be programmed? Where do our beliefs and ideas come from? Have we been brave enough to think for ourselves? Again where can we shine our vital life force, our core essence? These are the questions to ask of ourselves in these times.

Also, we are all a part of the Human family and all the issues around this are coming up. The best of Leo is coming from a regal heart connection and expression. It is not time to hold our heart expressions back, for we are all needed now! And we must wake up to our common humanity! This also has much to do with the North node Leo and South Node Aquarius Axis that we are dealing with which is about how to balancing being self and being in the collective…or more simply put, how to share your heart with the world.

Now is a great time to watch and witness what you are feeling , thinking, saying, doing, fearing, blaming, judging etc. This way we can witness and see things in neutrality, for real our personal lives as well as the collective of humanity.

Eclipses can show us where we eclipse ourselves. What I mean by this is that if we pay attention especially at these times, we can see the darkness inside of us, or what we have hidden , or what is stuck. Because the blackened sun in the middle of the day will reveal the whole sky!!

All New Moons are reset times, however this is particularly huge in that regard, so take some time to dive into your spirit and soul…….and ask what wants or needs to reset, for your highest purpose and expression for this precious dance called life! And since this Eclipse starts in Gov. Point in Oregon and ends in Charleston, SC. where much about the nations foundations were highlighted…well the symbolism is really about the founding of our nation and the issues of freedom. Also Donald Trump was born on a lunar Eclipse and so there very well could be something in the way of resetting within or with the US president, because Eclipses come in pairs, as do the Full moons and New Moons. Just the fact that the path of totality goes right through the ” spine” (which is also ruled by Leo), of the country is symbolic…as if the Gods,or the Universe really wants us to get something about where we all came from and what this country is really about, and how to get back to that ideal! Those are just my thoughts, but I had to share, because that is part of what I am being called to do.

I have also read recently that in Peru an Incan Empire that 8/21st 2017 is the end of a 26,000. yr. cycle and thus the beginning of a 26,000 yr. new cycle. The 26,000 yr. cycle is talked about in the Mayan culture also. So this is a big thing..a Cosmic interruption. It has been thought of as a threat to the order of things.

The Arapaho Plains indians saw an eclipse such as this as Sister Moon and Brother Sun converging. In my view I feel it is great symbolism, as we are challenged in a New Paradigm of Female/Male energy working in balance! There were ancient stories of the Moon devouring the Sun, and the Sun dying in the sky. But the Sun always comes back…..although not without much throwing up and regurgitating. We can see much already being regurgitated on the world stage.

It is time for a new story eh?!!! Let’s all write the new story and enact it as well! Let us put our attention on what we really want and desire for the future of the planet. We can only do this by being in true gratitude from our hearts for all the opportunity and connection, and wonder and challenge of this miracle of life!

Don’t forget to get your special glasses to view the Eclipse…and even more important, get your “inner glasses” on.
I would say if ever there was a time to think with your heart and feel with your head this would be the time! Take care of yourselves and your loved ones and stay grounded.

If you would like to see where the Eclipse will sit on your Birth chart and how this will affect you and the best way to use this energy, then give me a request. I would be so glad to assist you!

Blessings, Peace and Love,

Your Evolutionary Astrologer,


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