Intent of the full Moon in Pisces


I just want to add a few things to the Audio below this: It is an auspicious time for practicing dream journey work, to listen to, and experience the energy of the mystery. Because Neptune is involved so prominently, and the points of the Eclipse being reactivated…we would do well to merge with or atune to the divine the best we can right now. And we will be able to experience it now very fully if we ask and listen with the reverence and awe that it deserves!     Jupiter opposes Uranus the beginning of Oct. So Big expansion of novel ideas…This is all about new and unexpected truths about balance…relationships!  The importance of fairness, the art of diplomacy……and what is true, real balance?!  We can see as Jupiter has been in Libra that the issues of the art of peace, and relationships , and the lack there of, as well as all sorts of issues around the expanding imbalances in our relationship to Mother Earth have come up in big ways…what is real balance!!!!  This is in our faces!!  Jupiter is teacher like that sometimes…blows things up so we have to see it! So Jupiter going into Scorpio 10/11/17 says get ready to expand into the intensity, the secrets, the depths…Jupiter I feel will bring up much that has been hidden or taboo! We can expand through depth!  Much more about this as it gets closer! Scorpio energy can be obsessive and consuming, passionate and rejuvenating….WOO hoo, I think we should get ready…to be deep and passionate….and have our inner and outer resources aligned to do it!

Please enjoy the short flute song and audio below this! just scroll down to the newest audio.







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