Question for today: Which Dream have you found yourself awaking in ?!

Hi there to all of you brave souls in these times of transmutation….transition, and transformation!

The Moon all day today in the visionary and far seeing optimistic sign of the Sagittarius the Centaur! Half man, half horse, Sagittarius can represent combining our instinctual selves with our spiritual selves and aspirations. He says “Look at the horizon, learn and teach new things, expand your awareness in this journey of life!”

However…at the same time we have Mercury in Virgo analyzing and being very precise…in square to Saturn the boss man of time, and the working manual of life on the planet!

So we can go up to the mountain top in spirit, and journey to the souls Oceanic view today, yes!! However the Cosmos is also telling us that reality checking is needed…we have to get our thinking and communicating, and perceiving right! It’s almost like the message with Mercury and Saturn to day is: “get more details, more precise understanding is needed for solid building of a lasting vision. It’s saying hold your horses until you really know how the little nuances go with the wide picture. So we will probably have to take the time to rethink and discern.

Today we also have Mars the action planet in Virgo, who is very specific on what he figures he must do and what skills he needs to make it work,(or else wants to be and is working on it)! Neptune in Pisces says “this is all a dream”, which is also an important piece. So my suggestion is to keep your enthusiasm…your quest for your life, pay attention to all kinds of dreams, and then do a reality check! You may have to do this more than once! This is sacred practice and can really make a big difference when done with reverence! Go into the middle of ground of the oppositions…that is what the challenge and lesson is. Meaning, that to do half of one, and half of another in the middle. So with Neptune in Pisces opposite Mars in could look like…spending some time, feeling and honoring the awesomeness of the spiritual other-worldliness, in ways that really work, to get messages about how to take action and make things work ( mars in Virgo). Then doing that. If you don’t know ways that work….Jupiter in Libra says, there are people who would love to show you! It is saying pay attention to the spirit in everything, bring the great mystery into your daily life! This way our actions are more likely to flow in in order with of divine timing which we are all apart of….if we choose! This can take practice…and most of us got way out of practice! To use Neptune in Pisces in a detrimental way would be the example of escapism with all of it’s faces, including all sorts of addictional behavior…..But Neptune in Pisces really wants us to experience the wondrous and incredible, mystical and beyond words types of things…to bring into our daily lives the nuances of spirit. This is our birthright, and something we for the most part lost, but can get back if we let go of the unconscious conditioning that we have succumbed to.

We also have Jupiter (King of the Gods), ruled by Sagittarius going super close to the exact opposition to Uranus the breaker shaker upper…who breaks us into new conscious awareness and he is in Aries the “I am ” sign, the pioneer and energy of brave birth! The job of Uranus is to awaken us ! This Uranus energy now (as harsh at it seems) is really meant for catapulting us on our way into the New Paradigm and what I sometimes call The Great Remembering. Jupiter wants expansion….bigger, more of what an idea of truth might be, and in Libra…more relationships that assist with an idea for the future and of fairness.
Jupiter in it’s best character wants true understanding. It is within the the confines of Saturn for us on Mother Earth, so still has to go by some rules.

Actually the oppositions themselves are sort of a Saturnian type of energy as they are tension oriented and show the need for coming into middle ground. Like the old saying “everything in moderation”, being very blown up, and in our faces!

This is all very general for the Cosmos as the moment, but as you can see and feel, far reaching change’s are happening Planetarily,and of course personally.

You see all this goes on inside of each of us in unique ways also. Our Birth charts show it, and point out where, and how, and when,as well as what, the questions are in your life, at different times, and what the big questions of your life are about ……and the choices we have , for best answering those questions!

May we all help each other get more clear on our own questions as we bring into awareness what is unconscious for this transformation that we are all a part of! As we do this we answer some questions. But seem to always have more!!! I think that is called growth!! YEAA!!


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