First Quarter Moon points to Saturn and Antares

This first quarter Moon,(or Moon at east of quadrature), is pointing and highlighting our Planet Saturn, and the Star Antares that sits in the heart of the Constellation of Scorpio. Also the Moon as seen from the Earth is at what astronomers call Dichotomy!

I noticed this from the website: If you want to know more about the phases of the moon and all sorts of Astronomy stuff, it is good place to go!

As I get more and more into the Astronomy part,as well as the fixed stars, these things pop out at me! That is why I am writing about it…for the cosmos is pointing things out to us like they have as long as humans looked at them. The Fixed stars are of particular interest to me now, because they have such rich mythology that has stood up to time, and add much to a person’s Birth-chart understanding and illumination. The fixed stars and planets can give many clues and messages in general to humanity in certain areas as they show up also.

Antares is a Star in the heart of the Scorpion! I will quote from Bernadette Brady’s book – Star and Planet Combinations:
from 500 – 1000 BCE this is the part of the sky where the sun was seen to slip into the Southern hemisphere, so it was associated with the gateway to the underworld , a harbinger of death or endings!
The Egyptians saw the Scorpion as stinging their solar god Horas and sending him to the underworld as Osirus. The Greeks retold the story in the blinding of the giant Orion by the sting of the Scorpion!
The constellation is about transitions, life to death,birth to life,the guardian of liminal space, a space of transitions. Un-quote.

We now are in the time of the Libra Sun…light and dark in most balance, and temperatures are more balanced in general, not too hot, not too cold etc. People enjoying the harvest time with all it’s beauty and abundance as they cool down a bit from the hot summer months,(In the northern hemisphere). And as the sun goes into Scorpio things get deeper, and darker and more mysterious! Scorpio energy is very intense and very powerful in it’s life force..because the life force that is hidden,or held down,gains power…then if it transforms properly in a healthy way, it moves up like the Kundalini. Then as is transforms it is very creative! It is like the cauldron pot! The energy its itself very resourceful,as it has the depth of mystery and power cooking and steaming in the underworld of our consciousnesses. This energy doesn’t necessarily want to circulate it’s life force….but that is what it must do to transform! So Scorpio energy can be extremely obsessive, and the Mythological symbol of Antares indicates extremes. The natural theme of this star is to generate success by going through a cleansing life-and-death experience. It suggests that one seeks intensity even when not required.The darker side of Antares is to be lost to obsession without any hope of resolution. I am not 100 percent sure that Antares is in Paran with Saturn because I am still in the learning phase about the intricacy about how close they have to be to call it that. BUT, they are both being highlighted near the ecliptic at the same time, and what I am knowing about those two in Paran seem very pertinent. So from Bernadtte Brady’s insight on Antares in Paran with Saturn, she writes: Black versus White,a life full of struggle with polarities.Living in a polar world which leads to resentment or gives insights into different ways of living. Patriotism which polarise people. unquote.

So resentment transformed, giving insights into different ways of living…this is something to dive into for sure! The Polarities, the dichotomy! hmmmm! And as the article said; the moon in this phase is POINTING to Saturn and Antares!
Saturn = time
Antares = intense transformation! The sun goes into Scorpio Oct.23/24 Jupiter goes into Scorpio the 11th of Oct.
You can make your own conclusion of what this could mean. But for me it is clear to go deeply into any obsession hidden or not that has to do with ways of living, and black and white or extreme thinking about just about anything.

Only with wisdom can we stay in any kind of balance with all the polarity going on…however the heart of the Scorpion requires us diving into the depths of emotion and mystery of the repressed, or unconscious, or sub conscious, anything we haven’t looked and transformed must be dug into or it will consume us! Indeed birth and death are ways that we transform.

Wow!so the message I get is that the stars at this First quarter moon pointing to Saturn and Antares really do have a message for us! The word Dichotomy really popped out as with the technical description of the moon in this phase : ” Earth is at dichotomy as seen from the moon” !

So our Dear Moon is also is wanting us to feel and get into this message and energy!

I have talked alot about Saturn the Father of time…the wise one who in my view wants us to learn from time, and he is like a wise old Grandfather has learned through time what really works. He who wants us to have what we need to live good lives and stay in a body…and how to work with the NATURAL laws for that! I also have wrote about Saturn going through the Galactic Center and how the concept of time is changing…it is really transforming. Maybe it has to?! I bet it simply just time! So being a holey diver…diving into time…..ancient and far off….Wisdom comes through time….if there ever was a time we needed real wisdom, it is now!

We and everything are always in process of some kind of dying and birth. In physical Death and Birth, a being is closest to the great Mystery at those times!

May we die with awareness of our ignorance’s and be born rejuvenated with some wisdom! In any case it sure feels like Great Mystery is calling us all into our core!


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