New Moon in Libra 10/19/2017

New moon in Libra 10/19/17

It seems like at this time of our Sun and moon, our Luminaries being in the sign of balance, that the imbalances just keep getting more and more in our faces! The planet Uranus is helping. Uranus is in Aries directly opposite the New Moon. Uranus is the great awaken-er and is a higher octave energy that brings change….brings the awareness of the need for great change, and for breakthroughs in consciousness! In Aires, and opposite the New moon at this time we can see and feel that big change will happen and is happening no matter what! We can align with higher levels of awareness, and move into this metamorphosis…or go against it with fear, greed hanging onto the old paradigm that we have been enmeshed in for thousands of years.
So as we go through the death and the rebirth period, (which doesn’t happen overnight,even though the concept of time is also in flux),….well I don’t need to tell you that shit is coming up from everywhere and hitting the fan!
Jupiter the gift giver,the expander and amplifying planet wants to give meaning to our lives. I see that many in these times are in dire need of feeling their lives have meaning! Right now we can draw down meaning from Uranus (high octave spiritual conscious awareness), and with Jupiter in Scorpio now , it is about digging into the deep well of life force energy in connection to the divine feminine. This includes Momma Gaia and all her nature spirits and all her wondrous beings. This also includes your own inner well! Diving deep now into the mystery of your own inner well,your own psyche,your own deep place of mysterious knowingness, and life force energy….what is that all about? How can we experience our birthright of incredible magical body wisdom that is connected to the mystery on this planet? Time to dive deep and dig deep,as that is how the real and powerful balancing will occur now. No more smoothing things over, just to make things seem good for the status quo! We are being called by Saturn to take responsibility for owning what we know is true and acting on it..not giving away our power anymore…we don’t need to…it doesn’t work like that anyway. Sharing resources yes, but not giving away our inner authority. We can be the living Oracles now….looking at the signs and feeling the subtle and powerful energy of life force as we unlock and transform !


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