This Full Moon asks many great questions:

This Full Moon in Taurus, is asking us if we are really comfortable with giving away our innate power anymore…our life force!

With Uranus trining Saturn, we are being assisted in realizing truth about Natural Laws as  apposed to succumbing to the so called cultural structures now decaying, that are really mostly about control and power over the masses. New cosmic energy helping us break free ( Uranus in trine with Saturn, as Big truth dives in deep with Jupiter in Scorpio!

We are being called to remember who we REALLY are and where we REALLY came from! Get your life force connections back! Dig deep into new territory that makes you feel alive! that “new” territory could  be ancient , old and hidden ….maybe primal and instinctual. Looking at the huge amount of sexual dysfunction, exploitation, addiction today, it makes me realize that it is because as a cultural norm,we have let ourselves be cut off from an experience of healthy relationship to the deep mystery, and core experience of life force with our whole bodies, because of patterns of stuck emotional/spiritual energy.

How did we get hoodwinked into this victim hood from the patriarchal culture  for thousands of years? How do we break free and heal? That is what Kiron in Pisces square Saturn is insisting we look at in some way shape or form! Uranus is helping us. Thank you Uranus!!! Thank you all my teachers and guides Celestial, Ancestral and all the most wonderful teachers upon our Momma Gaia…as well as Mother Earth herself !

Ask yourself where your life force is blocked? Honor and call on your Ancestor’s and allies to open the road for you to remember how to live fully for your purpose in this life! Ask your emotions to come on up, so you can FEEL them! Ask , Honor and Thank your Ancestors and Guides and Teachers, for help in remembering how to be fully human…and to open the road for you for your path and purpose for your life! Don’t be afraid of diving into your primal instinctual core for that is a part of all of us that most have forgot!! It is the time now for The Great Remembering!

The planets as teachers and guides are showing us that the timing is right  for become much more intimate with all our relations…that of course does not mean sexual, as sex is not necessarily intimate ( although that is the best kind in my view), and intimacy is not necessarily sexual…just deeper relating!

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