Resurrection of the Snake Goddess New Moon in Scorpio!

From the most potent secret place, the uncoiling has begun. There may seem to be forces beyond our control…and there are….but not the ones most of us have given credence to. The regeneration of the feminine emerges….and this empowers the listening and remembering, of sacred dreamers and dreams….and the ways of connecting with all of life as well as each other!

Is there a deepening knowingness of some things that need to change?

With Mars square Pluto setting the stage this new Moon we can gain new understanding and realizations either through strife, or through inner centeredness.

With Saturn on the Galactic Center ,it is as if the Universe is watching us! Asking, us to see the bigger spiritual purpose, and gain understanding of other ways?  Can we build upon a lasting vision that encompasses understanding of different cultures, natural law, ancient wisdom, and real human freedom? Can we live in harmony with the creatures and all the beings on our Mother?  Can we integrate the information age into the age of connection and community?

There is also Venus in Scorpio in trine with Neptune, ( soon to go direct). This feminine energy swirling and dancing…..with Love…lot’s of high octave impersonal Goddess love and lot’s of personal passionate love too!

More  a bit later on the New Moon through the houses if I can get it out in time!





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