Moon in Cancer

Our Moon moved into moody Cancer and is still opposite Mercury Retrograde and Saturn in late degree Sagittarius. It is like Mercury the translator and Saturn the task master are in a business meeting going over what needs to be improved. And in this case nothing but the truth will fly! Good time to have another look at how to live and speak our truth and what needs revamping !

One small example with me is that I listened to my last Soul Ditty report and it wasn’t at all what I wanted to sound like in many ways. I have to be honest with myself on that, and really discipline myself so I can have the report written out before hand or outlined MUCH better, otherwise what I am trying to do will not be respected, and the purpose and value will not be heard. It is not adequate, and that is a very Saturn kind of statement. Makes sense that I would be looking at that, because of the Mercury retrograde conjunct Saturn in Sag. And the Full moon in Gemini is ruled by Mercury , so the attention and activation is all about the Sagittarius/Gemini axis having to do with speaking, learning, teaching, communicating, philosophy, curiosity and new ideas etc.

Neptune is still in square to the Sun and Jupiter is trine Neptune. Neptune is otherworldliness, and dream journeying, the collective unconscious; one with the divine, beyond words experiences, or any that seem to come from a mysterious place…like the ocean. It is also Illusion delusion and confusion. And like the Ocean it can take you over, or take you under. That last sentence came to me when I was walking in the woods this morning .It was very cloudy and windy, then it turned super silent and as I was walking slowly and looking at the trees and leaves on the ground and everything, the light changed in a subtle way and it looked just like dusk. I really got into it. It was very mysterious . Some thoughts came to me about winter and that is when those words came about the Ocean. The Moon was still in Gemini asking is it this, or is it that?

You see, Neptune as a Planetary teacher says that we need to honor  the awesomeness of the great mystery by spending time with Neptunian things in a conscious way. That would mean some kind of meditation, dance, silence, communing with nature, art, music, inner journey work, that honors the medicine of Neptune. If we do these types of things on a regular basis, then we aren’t inviting the downside of Neptune in. Actually in this way of being more in tune with Neptune, we can then see much better through the fog, illusion and confusion, and develop better boundries.

I also see that since Saturn who has been travelling back and forth over the Galactic center is such a prominent player as he makes his point so well during this Moon phase. Saturn seems to deal mostly with the 3 dimensional reality.

Looks like we are really needing be aware of, and to be able to live in many realities and dimensions at once. The Planetary teachers are indicating it is time.

With the Moon now in its Cancer phase this month for about 2.5 days there could be many emotional ups and downs as she forms a quincunx with Venus, Saturn and Mercury,Squares Uranus, and trines Jupiter and Neptune…oh and opposes Pluto…not necessarily in that order, so probably more revising and adjusting because of dilemmas ,and some dreamy mythological bed time story energy, as well as maybe some sudden emotions that come out of the blue that needs to be released, and some more deep emotional secrets getting dug up!

May Luna the Cancer Moon, assist us in being kind , gentle and caring of ourselves and each other!!



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