Astro-Ditty update 12/12/17

Mars is now in Scorpio on it’s roughly 22 month Journey around the zodiac, as of the 9th of Dec.  until the 27th of January, lending himself greatly to investigative, research and action toward our passion!  Saturn in the last degree of Sagittarius getting ready to move into Capricorn on the 21st of Dec. right before the Winter Solstice. The message is to use this support for enthusiastic vision for your personal Hero’s Quest now!  As Saturn goes into Capricorn, as well as other planets and the sun we will be supported more in the building and the responsibility of what we have created and what we want to create…so this is the time to really get that righteous vision!

Our Moon makes harmonious aspects today with Venus, the Sun, and Mercury , and Saturn, So fairly smooth for a good part of the day. Later on she squares Pluto…dredging up deep stuck emotions, freeing repression and suppression…which is vitally important now. Let yourself feel these emotions FULLY, as they will become the compost and food for the seeds of new growth for your life and purpose in these times! The Moon in Libra likes balance and harmony. Pluto is bringing her to an inner healing that is much more substantial than what we may think, or have been taught that it should look like.  So don’t be afraid to feel all the intense feelings even if it is much less than pleasant. As we go into intense emotions, and allow them  some kind of healthy release…. then the  life force energy will flow more fully and we can align; truly, madly and deeply with  what is revealed about what matters the most for our purpose in this life!!

Then with our Moon squaring Uranus around 11 pm Eastern time….if we are sleeping, we could have some surprising  dreams, that serve to spur our awareness to something  we need to see!   If we are awake we can as well!



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