Moon getting close to Mercury and Venus on way to The Sun for the New Moon

Moon in Sagittarius, joining Mercury Retrograde, and Venus later tomorrow as she meets with the Sun on Monday for the New Moon. So maybe a little Re-inspiration. So all the Planets and Luminaries will be in Sagittarius, including Saturn plodding into the sign of Capricorn on the 21st of December. Looks like a going away  party for Saturn!  So we can be enthusiastic now as we remember and review any greater understandings we have gleaned. We can sort of look at the insights we have gathered these past months to be ready for the New cycle of the light returning. Saturn moves into Capricorn right near the Winter Solstice announcing the change of his demeanor and lesson plan for us. More on that with the New moon report.

Mercury goes direct on the 23rd of Dec. , and the integration , or shadow period  is until the 11th of Jan.( where it moves back over the degree points to where it began retrograde motion). And this degree is 29 degrees of Sagittarius.  I feel that this really points to the importance of getting the message that Saturn has been trying to give us these past almost 3 Sagittarius. Some of these messages may have been about:

What is our true human history?

What is a realistic future?

Responsible expansion

What legacy we are leaving?

Getting real and clear with our quest

Discovery of meaning

Wise perception

Direction of spirit

Honest intentions

There is always a realism with Saturn, as she is concerned with what matters in whatever sign she is traveling.

The word Matter is a derivative of the Latin word Mater meaning Mother. So actually Saturn in ancient times, before patriarchy, could very well have been a much more feminine archetype. Instead of the stern old man, she could have been the circle of Grandmothers who were very wise about who was ready for what, and who had learned enough on what levels to be fit for certain positions.  All decisions had to pass through the Grandmothers before being finalized.  That way, the continuation of the people was kept in tune with the natural cycles and was ensured.  Matter is the physical and material  realm, and all of that comes from the natural material realm which is full of much spirit!  This is our Mother Earth! This is what I feel Saturn  speaks to us of …weather in a feminine or masculine way, about how to be in and with and of  Matter, or Mother. So maybe Saturn in Sagittarius going back and forth over the Galactic Center, was  giving us so much time to hone in on this thing called time, and what we do with it.  He always makes a concentrated effort.  In this cycle he was asking  us: where we are going in this journey on Earth?  Saturn is also all about respect and discipline.

How are we with matter, or the mother, or even the divine feminine and divine masculine….is there a place for the future generations to live in a balanced and good way due to our respect or disrespect for life and time?

The questions about what we really need to understand , and the issues of certainty and uncertainty of what matters came up to explore.

Jupiter in Scorpio and now Mars coming to join, are there to assist us in getting down to the core!

More on the difference between Saturn in Sagittarius and Saturn in Capricorn,with the New Moon report very soon!








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