New Moon In Sagittarius!

This is a particularly interesting New Moon as it was aligned with the Center of our Galaxy.  the Galactic Center is a sort of portal of galactic truth, which I feel, has been giving us a chance to see much wider scope, bigger truths that can impact or personal truths. Saturn has been crossing galactic center alignment all year, giving  a message about time, natural law and what time it is!  The hierarchal patriarchal structures of government and religions are crumbling because they aren’t really based on natural law…that is all about Saturn in Sag. and so we have had some great awareness to tap into from wise Saturn…who’s message was about taking responsibility for the truth of time…of building on truth, and on much wider and far reaching understandings! As the old structures crumble we will have our work to do as seed people for the future generations. Everybody knows on some level that we need to create something New……and with Saturn concerned with history and time…the message  and vibration is or looking further back….before the constructs of what we think is history…for more far reaching sustainable vision. So I mean back  when humans lived a mostly egalitarian lifestyle. It could also mean looking further back into your own personal lives for clues about your own soul journey.

I do very well with that in my readings, so don’t hesitate to ask!

New Moons set the tone very powerfully until the Full moon which can be seen as a result of how well we expressed the potential of the New. As I write this, the Moon just moved into Capricorn lighting the way for Saturn moving into Capricorn on Tue.

Saturn is in Capricorn until  March 2020, when it goes into Aquarius and goes retrograde into Capricorn  in July 2020 until it goes into Aqaurius  again in mid Dec. of 2020. I will be writing more about the 2020 alignment of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn later.

Saturn in Capricorn contracts a bit from it’s time in Sagittarius. She is about building strength and success. BUT this is the key: What is REAL success, and what is REAL strength…beyond the game!  As we decondition some of the old world beliefs, and get into  natural Saturn and Natural Capricorn, we can find that we are supported not restricted, or punished. We can build healthy foundations that actually honor and respect what the potential for humanity and the Earth could be.

This will all take time with Saturn in Capricorn…..and hard work. Saturn in Capricorn is probably the best teacher for that!  And hopefully we a have learned from Saturn in Sagittarius what it is most important for us personally and for what purpose!

We also have Jupiter in Scorpio…expanding into deep hidden truths…into what is secret…bringing secrets to light!!   It can also be  the joy of learning more by uncovering mysteries…and not just uncovering them, but merging with them …sharing intimately in the passion and fullness! Mars also in Scorpio right now helping the action of this holy diver energy!

Tell ya what though, Jupiter is squaring the Moons nodes on this New Moon as well… not try to avoid or sweep anything under the rug…for there is a deep unwinding process happening, holding space for us to dive in and really deal with any stuffed feelings, or unresolved subconscious issues, traumas, or whatever!

Mercury is still retrograde and goes direct on the 23rd of Dec….and integrates until the 11th of January, helping us integrate and process the messages and insights we got from it’s retrograde period.

This reminds me, we of course still have Pluto in Capricorn, and the US will be experiencing Pluto Square Pluto in the coming years too. I will get more specific with you on that later too.

Also in 2020 when Saturn and Pluto and Jupiter are conjunct in Capricorn…the Moons South Node will be conjunct it…so the North Node will be in Cancer…urging  and showing us to nurture and care and build  a culture, where children can safely play outside!  Reminds me of the song by Cat Stevens…..where do the children play!

Okay all for now!                           MHW




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