Winter Solstice and happy Yule to you all!

Our Sun moves into Capricorn at 11:59 am eastern today the 21st of Dec.  It is the shortest day and longest night for the Northern hemisphere and the opposite for the Southern hemisphere. The Solstice or “Sun Stand Still” window is from 12/20 through 12/22 this year. It is the point of the wheel where the Sun, who started the journey into the dark space of the womb during Samhain is reborn!   So the Solstice marks the point of Midwinter, and the Sun is reborn as it starts its upward journey of gradual increase in light . Just as the New moon functions as a seed point for the Luner cycle, The Solstice functions as a seed point for the Solar cycle, and for the whole year! So needless to say, it is an important time to look over the year, give thanks for all of it, and what we learned and let go of what doesn’t serve our highest intentions, and focus on what we want to bring in.   Spending  more time resting  and going inward, as the seeds of life are now deep under ground in the womb of our mother….they are replenishing and  gaining wisdom from the dark, secret, wise place within!   Working with the elements as many traditions have symbolically, to honor this time as well, like bringing in Evergreen to honor and align with the new fresh growth, that is coming. Lights and candles, or Fires to say hello to the Sun reborn, and that symbolize the thankfulness for our connections and warmth of heart! And of course it is a great time to celebrate with family and friends.

This Solstice is interesting because, later in the day it will conjoin Saturn the master teacher of matter,and living on the Earth. So this could feel a little heavy , and bring us a soberness that can be used for dealing with reality.  Our Moon is in Aquarius all day giving an emotional overtone of objectivity. And Venus in harmony with Uranus, helping us value the unusual, and  invent newness in our relationships! Jupiter who is sort of like the Santa Clause of our Solar system is not relating in a very harmonious way with this Solstice Sun….doesn’t mean he won’t show up. But he is probably giving us  another chance to figure what we really need, and why we really want what we want…this can be the real gift!! And just like  Santa Clause going down the chimney, and bringing gifts and then going back up the chimney…it is about us going down into the heart…(or hearth, like the chimney), and giving and receiving gifts and then going back up and out in our lives!

Happy Holy Days!!!


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