Flute, voice and drum song prayer for all people!

The song on both these recordings were inspired by the times we are in and the Moon  now in inventive Aquarius, speaking to me of sharing through the air element in this way. They are a prayer for Humanity at this time to wake up and know that we are all here in time of testing and sweeping change…..to remember in our bones and from our ancestors, back beyond the history books …..back before and through the last 5000 yrs or so of patriarchy, and gradual forgetting. If you are on the Earth…know that she is evolving also, and if we can’t attune ourselves well I don’t know but ….she may not put up with too much more! But she loves us and hope’s  that we can all  remember our connection to the divine and to all the beings on the earth…human, animal, plant, water…all of nature that is intrinsic with our lives.   Living and being in  thanks for this great experience of aliveness brings huge awareness and healing!  Not to mention joy!

We haven’t had Planets in air for a while, and so with all the planets in Capricorn and Scorpio and Neptune in  Pisces Uranus in Aries …well it is refreshing to have a bit of ECCENTRC WIND, with Moon in Aquarius for a couple days, speaking to us of revolutionary  change into inclusiveness and diversity….for as distorted, twisted and convoluted as some of the realities are, we are still all part of the human family. When we bring ourselves up and clean our selves from the fear, power, greed, shame, guilt, and all of that we help others transform as well!  “Inventive ways for our home and living” are words that just came to me in regard to the Moon in Aquarius also.

Tomorrow, sister Moon touches on the South Node in Aquarius. The South Node  is the old patterns, and the Karmic trend out. Well, we ARE moving into the age of Aquarius, but we also  being reminded to show up in person knowing our own heart and souls, to help shine  light  through  the sweeping cultural changes that we are all a part of now! We are all needed now!  We all have something to give and share…. ! It is also showing us how “group think” can be extremely dangerous to totally emerge in , if not really connecting with our own soul …our own heart. Humans are tricky like that…we can do great things in groups and also be totally diverted from our heart centers in the process…..like the  people during Hitlers reign.  Hopefully we have moved to  higher level of consciousness awareness by now, but there are so may subtle distractions that we have gotten programmed with.  Let’s not be bamboozled any more!!!   It is so great to see the women’s marches and the Golden globe speech. Everywhere I turn I see people healing these ages of wounds , learning natural ways and dealing with their fears, and really wanting to know the purpose of their lives! People are expressing and allowing  their creativity to shine and really wanting to give and share their gifts !  That is what the awareness is about in these next 2 days also with the Moon  opposite the North Node in Leo. It is about shining your light, and sharing what is inside you!  If you think you have nothing to share…think again!!  Just the sharing of your feelings and being honest can be so warming and welcome to another person who has been afraid to, but now feels courage and connection  because of it! It is now the time of finding what is common among groups also. What I mean is, that it isn’t about this group is better than that one …it is about how much is in common and how can we ALL support EVERYONE by being who we really are and shining it !!! Wow it really is what I call the time of the Great Remembering!  As I fully embody and bring the experience from the memory of my core, step by step, and more fully into body, I can be much more effective, expressive, fearless and joyful ! This is some of the incredible Cappricorn energy right now working it’s mojo!  This is true for all of us, especially now. And if we but ask, and take the time to learn to listen…well there are so many helpers now!!  Astrology is full of wise beings that always point us back to our Earth, because that is where we are in the big picture. What about  the smaller equally important view ?!   Well; hmmmmm………… now we can see  our naked bones dancing!


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