Astro-update for 01/24/18


If you have ever faced  death and  come super close to it , then you probably remember feeling more alive at that time then ever! I know this feeling and  part of the  message I get  now with Mars in it’s last days of Scorpio and Mercury conjunct Pluto Ruler of Scorpio . … …… is to put your magic ancient snorkel on, and go ahead ……..dive into your obsessional thoughts today…we almost can’t help it anyway . If you have died and come back, then you still have to embrace the rawness and emotional of authentic humanness! The Universe is cheering us on  to communicate from, and listen to  the depth of our souls!  As Caroline Casey says,( and I agree) :We only possess the power of insight when we give it expression. So getting fascinated with your own psyche and pathology and obsessions is right on today especially if we convert it to power or empowerment through artful,ritualistic expression. So do a dance,make an alter, laugh at yourself in the mirror, speak the unspeakable today….we are supported fully !! There are parts of all of us changing costumes and rolls…in getting super into the core of  this transforming, we are asked: What must we die to, lest we die from!!! Moon in Taurus today…..likes to take time and chew on things….needs to get comfortable with feeling the rawness …the extreme!!!!  So I see a huge Taurean Bull with a snorkel and gear…….maybe he has an oxygen tank and gear for the deep sea diving…he knows he needs to take his time with this and fully enjoy it while he can, as he uncovers the most valuable treasure of his wild primal core, his own life force connection, and brings it up from the deep. As the Bull  starts to dig into what  seems to be a messy, gory gooey, stench ridden muck of fiercely extreme poison down at the deepest part of the ocean floor……he slowly realizes this is where the most fertile space is!…then he slowly brings up the hidden treasure!  it may not be a huge diamond that he come up with, and he may or may not show it to the world, it is his and now he holds it and is learning to experience the infinite influence of that which is hidden, and invisible!

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