Moon in Virgo Opposite Neptune

The question is clear today…how to honor spirit in matter. Virgo is about habits and skills and sacred, natural timings. Look to nature and consider (con-sider means with the stars), a daily ritual of thanks,or of special prayer and offering for our ancestors…..or for connecting with the animal and plant spirits that call to you! What had been undervalued is now being asked to be put back  into our everyday lives..with awe and respect. This can also include parts of ourselves and parts of humanity and any of the parts that have been deemed unimportant by the pseudo  powers that be …like poor people, or, animals and nature …..the list can go on. This does include too taking time for noticing and having reverence for the awesomeness in life everyday…….as a normal thing…we can make what we want normal  now.  We really have to, and we get to, as a practical matter of making relationship with what sustains us and supports us on all levels as we walk upon the Earth.


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