Sanctuary for a deep and poetic dream! Full Moon in Virgo!

All is living in the great dream upon the Earth our Mother, and can be experienced in a whole way…..a holy way…full spiral. Life and consciousness vibrates Through ALL the beings;  be they plant, animal,mountain,stream,ocean,wind rain, all the natural forces, all of nature has spirit and consciousness beyond most humans perception. Humans were not always so limited in perception. We got taken over by some strange ideas and many of our original ways of being and living and honoring life were destroyed . Some of us are starting to remember. Humans are not the all of it… at all…… forgetting our connection to ALL of the natural world has made us a sort of rogue species much of the time. This place, this life is for ALL of life for we ARE connected , and a part of the great spiraling heart of life! These beings you may call inferior, are really much wiser than you perceive in your limited awareness. They are one with the dream and in tune with the natural order and the mystery of life. They are awake in the dream and are our teachers! For humans we need to remember how to Wake up and Dream!  Ask yourself  where do you experience the divine most easily…..why are you afraid of the wild and the natural. Ask your dog a question and look him in the eye and he will tell you the truth….. if you listen. The mighty glorious trees give music and medicine……every time…if you listen with your whole being and not just the limited logical mind.  The Dog teachers show compassion and loyalty beyond any human I have ever seen, and yes they DO feel loneliness and …….they were never meant to be kept alone, they are social and want to play and interact with a pack! You would never leave your child alone for long even if she is smart and good and will do no harm! Dog people love unconditionally. Why is this not highly valued and honored by some!  And the Tree people, Oh! they never have much of a problem with blocked chakras!  They teach us of a way to live fully in the body….all of our energy systems can be shown and healed by the trees.  They have incredible information systems with all the plants around them, and the wind is music through them that sings to  souls  in tune, that  can never be forgotten, a brother bridge with earth and sky……always. They are pillars of wisdom and home to all land creatures..and so much much more! These are  only 2 examples not even given in depth!

Enjoy the Full Moon in Virgo. Consider asking her to help you bring the big dream of oneness into focus for you to work with. Sing her a song , light a candle, say a prayer of thanks, do a dance for her, or some form of reciprocation to show thanks , some kind of offering. Then listen  and dream and pay attention to subtle clues inside you and otherwise. She is a modest Goddess and not going to club us over the head,but maybe she should!!!

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