My passion for astrology started when I was 13 yrs. old.  I am  a Certified Psychological Astrologer, who has studied under a variety of  great  astrologers of all different flavors.  Some of these include: Stephen Forrest Evolutionary Astrology, Kay Talor’s Soul Path Way, and the late great Jeff Jawers, who taught me relocation astrology, as well as some very important things for presenting my astrological insight. I also  embrace  Shamanic Astrology  started by Daniel Giamario which very archetypal, experiential, and ceremonial. Ceremony is very important as it connects us in heart to the divine and natural world.

My natural and developed  intuitive and empathic skills add interesting depth and revelation to my consultations.

In general my consultations are inspiring, transformative and and integrating.

I am a Certified Hypnotherapist through the Alchemy institute of Denver, Co., and Certified Massage therapist through Myotherapy institute of Massage in Salt Lake City, Ut., as well as many healing modalities including  EFT and Reiki.  I am also a Plant Spirit Medicine healer, which is ancient,deep spiritual healing with the pure medicine’s of the plant world.

I  have guided  thousands of people from all walks of life, and many areas of the world to embrace their soul path, find meaning and direction, and to live life more fully, and in harmony with life.  Discovering  the past life time themes in your Natal chart and redirecting it for this life for what you came to learn is a big part of Evolutionary Astrology.

My offers include readings, interpretations and consultations on :

Relocation Astrology – the new chart in a new place, and how it can effect you.

Evolutionary Astrology- Soul path and direction for this dance upon the Earth. Uncovering blind spots and delving deep and wide into your journey this time around. It  can be very freeing and enlightening!

Chart Interpretation  for individuals including cycles and transits. What is coming up energetically, how to deal with the challenging aspects and cycles, and what the heck is going on.

Relationship and career consultations based on the Natal charts.

As soon as I can, will soon be offering  Astro- drama classes, for groups to experience their charts and act them out!  So if you want to learn basic astrology and have fun…this will be for you!!

My goal is to help you dance the song of your soul upon our beautiful Mother Earth!

15 or 30 min. readings are available for those who need  insight, or guidance immediately.

See to the right for prices.

Feel free to ask any questions.  Short initial consultations are free.  To set up a reading or consultation, go to the contact page and send an e-mail or send a message in the message box.  I will get to you just as soon as I can, (usually within 24 hrs.or less).


See you under the stars!,