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Astrology brief for 1/17/23. Podcast recording below this, recorded on 1/16/23.

Hello from Liberty Lady-Astrology for Spiritual Patriots World-wide!!
Happy Martin Luther King day yesterday!

We are now in the last few days of Capricorn season with the Sun in Capricorn in conjunction with the US Birth Charts Pluto putting a spotlight on and highlighting the playing out of the US Pluto return. There is no turning back the truth is coming out in the wash!!

Mars went Direct and gaining momentum in Gemini as it conjoins the US Uranus in Gemini! Gemini is a wild card and a free agent of sorts, and Mars activating and spurring on the Uranus the Planet of transcending cultural and social programming. It represents freedom and free thinking and innovation and individuality! These issues are really starting make waves in this country and indeed it is time!!! A shifting of perception is happening for the everyday person in the US. Expect some surprises!

The Pluto return for the US brings up and questions our mission as a Country and about deep truth and hidden gems as well as hidden agendas that span vast amounts of time. This Pluto return has enduring and profound significance in regard to the question: Will we be controlled, or will we empower ourselves with our God given lives and freedom!? We have the most Holy and Divine of documents in the History of Nations called the constitution for the United states of America. The world is praying that we don’t lose this fight against a hidden enemy of the people, called the deep state, globalists, one world order who have brain washed and infiltrated every facet of our lives including medical, media, government, and banking, education and much more.

The people are starting to wake up more and more!! The truth movement is gaining momentum and I am excited to be a part of it and grateful to be alive in these times.

Mercury goes direct tomorrow on the 18th of January and as it gets on the move will also touch upon Pluto and then Uranus as well. I will talk about that later. But Mercury moving forward at this time and with the new Moon in Aquarius 1 degree 33 minutes on Sat. The 21st will start the rest of the month off with some escalating excitement for sure. And the transiting Uranus goes Direct on the 22nd. All the Planets direct then…so the show really gets on the road!

No time for fear, for the only thing to fear is fear itself! Another way to put it is that if you are too afraid to feel your fear then you are really screwed! Feel your fear and turn it into awe!! The flip side of fear is the Awe of life! IN this Country our north Node in Leo shows us that our destiny involves shining the light and courage! That is what we are evolving toward if indeed we do! No More division for that has weakened us tremendously. No time for that! This is a transpersonal as well as a personal time for discerning hidden truth!!!

More about the details as we go. Look to this New Moon in Aquarius on the 21st as a marker for a level up with righteousness, as the collective consciousness gets a frequency boost!! The more people that are aware together the better as the war goes on! We already won, but need to play it out so we can all learn who and what the enemy is and how they operate, so that we don’t repeat it again. Let’s stand together for freedom, empowering ourselves and each other.

Listen to the Podcast if you like. I did say Full Moon a couple times when I meant to say New Moon, but I think it is understandable.

More coming to you in the near future!

New Year Astrology Update

Happy New Year, Happy Full Moon and Happy Epiphany from Liberty Lady Astrology (and more). for Spiritual Patriots World Wide.

It will be a Year of revealing. It will be a year of Birthing for 2nd Republic. A year when the people wake up in in droves. It will be growth year in all sorts of ways shapes and forms. We begin to realize Heaven on Earth as that is what we are here for. It is a year of higher frequency expanding to us from the grace of God as the lower gets transformed or ceases to exist. It’s the The Christ energy through the Portal opening first of 33 years! . You don’t have to be Christian, call it Shiva energy, or the Tao or Life Force; call it what you want… but let yourself experience it, and cleanse and heal and expand and LIVE. Bring your Soul fully into your body that is where it is at !!!!

It is also the Year of the Water Rabit; I will write about that down a bit further.

It also looks like a year of “Pissing on the Dreams of Tyrants with our Liberty!! I gotta get the shirt! “That saying comes from JP Sears who is a great Comedian and Patriot. He makes me laugh with his wit, satire and sarcasm. There is value in his presentations in regard to the state of the world as well! Winning combination if you ask me! And laughter is good! Feel free to look him up!

Tomorrow the 6th of January 2023 the Epiphany!! It is when the Wise men came to Jesus to bless him and be blessed, and give him the financing for his life and purposeand to travel with the family and make sure they were kept safe. These were the 3 wise men: Melchior, a Tai chi Master from the same Lamasery as Master Lama Rasaji. Note his name has the word Chi in it, much the same as Melchizadeck. There was also Bellastar and Jasper who were adepts and one was an Astrologer and one was a Numerologist and training in other things and students of the Lamasery as well! The whole story of Jesus starts with the Essences where Mary comes from, as they were preparing for him for something like 2 hundred years before his birth. Teachers and Masters from the Lamasery were in contact and visited the Essences and taught them as well! These wise men, as they were known, came and gave the financing and the blessing and safety ,support to honor to Jesus. The recognition for what he came to do. Jesus was not a pauper. Jesus came to show us how to live with Soul fully in the body as shown by the resurrection and the 40 days he stuck around teaching and healing and showing the true potential for humans with the golden body. He administered healing and seemingly miraculous healing and Shaktipot. These are things we can all learn to do by connecting with Divine and bringing our Soul fully into the body. He taught the disciples a huge amount during this time. So much has been kept from us! You can learn all about it at . Sign up for the Daily Lamas and go through the old ones to learn and all sorts of free and incredible teachings and information you will not get anywhere. This has been kept from us on purpose by those who want control. Time to embrace the Truth , the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth so help us ABBA!

On January 6th more than a million Patriots went to DC to support Trump as the election was stolen. And still people are unjustly kept in prison. Also, this January 6th the Bronson case comes up for review and this could be very interesting. It has to do with the Government not following the Constitution in regard to investigating the election issues. They haven’t upheld the Constitution on just about anything so what does it matter? Well, that is true and there are total treasonous rat bastards there. New House could help the situation…not sure, but the timing is very interesting for this case to come up

So, an epiphany is an enormous AH HAA!! A deeper higher understanding that really only experience can give. Maybe it is a mystical experience. They happen all the time. You might want to ask God/The Creator/ Great Spirit for an epiphany and then follow that guidance! I think it is going to be a year of many epiphanies for many people in many ways!!

Looking at the US Birth Chart and the New Year 2023 chart now. I See that the rising sign and degree of the Jan/1/2023 chart In Libra conjoin the Midheaven US chart within 1 degree. This could mean the business of justice and lawfulness equally for all and for everyone.!!! I see transiting Pluto and Venus 27 degrees and conjunct the US Pluto. I have talked about this Pluto return before and will again as it energetically represents and energizes profound transformation to the core of this country. Pluto was at the same degrees in Capricorn 247 years ago when our country was starting. Where were we at that time? We were in the revolutionary war against tyranny. We did not want to have or use the British money or have them control us on this land. We as a country and people worked toward and set up self-governance. Pluto is death, rebirth, power and empowerment, focus of the truth and transformation and elimination. In Capricorn it is all about big controlling institutions of all kinds. Like Federal reserve, Private western Bank system, WHO, WEF, Big Pharma, Big corporations that have all control like Vanguard and Black rock, Big Media companies whose owners are all in cahoots with the deep state and are basically prostitutes that have been installed. Governments or so-called Governments like the US Government which at this time is really a belligerent occupation run by deep state big wigs. Every facet of our society and culture have been affected and it is getting more and more blatantly obvious. Pluto digs EVERYTHING up and it sure is. We must now get into our core as a culture, community and as individuals, to ask what do we value at the core?!! Remember the Song Oh Holy Night? Till he appears and the soul felt it’s worth? He is the Christ energy born again in us, if we reach for it. I know a way or 2 to do that. One way is Tai Chi Gung and you can be any religion or no religion at all!! We need to get back to our pure and core nature, that is in tune with Nature and the Divine. There were and are secret societies of deep state factions that totally infiltrated the US. What was done to the Native peoples of this land I can guarantee you was because of that not much at all from the original people trying to have a new free world to live in peace on.

As the old crumbles this year the new will really start to be born. The planet Uranus speaks to us on this subject as well, I speak about this later. This all takes time though Pluto will not be done with this return until sometime in 2025. We have been programmed and manipulated for such a long time in so many ways. Pluto has passed the 27-degree 33-minute mark and so there is no turning back now. The revolution has begun! It goes into Aquarius this year and then in and out of Aquarius to Capricorn and back again. Venus was with Pluto and so giving even more emphasis on value and in the 2nd house of money and value. Big money control issues are starting and we can see that and total control all over the world. People all over uprising, like Brazile. Those in UK being prepped for 15-minute cities etc. etc., I could say so much more. But I hope by now you can realize that the mask and pandemic was to kill many and to socially program and test who would be compliant. Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine are safe and effective. I have known this from just the smallest amount of research from day one. If you still believe the propaganda media, also in effect with what they do NOT tell you, you seriously could help yourself by pulling away from it and looking at how it has programmed you all across the board. I haven’t had a television in my house for 30 yrs. And I am still amazed at how media and the like have tried to mold my life, beliefs, values and especially self-value.

Okay back to Astrology! This year 2023 With Mars retrograde now in on 1/05/2023 passing over the US Uranus, will go direct and pass over it again as it goes direct 1/12/ 2023, will bring in excitement and big booms of truth coming through communications.

This is a year of revealing!!!! Revealing WHAT you might ask. Revealing what is hidden!! Revealing truth that has been hidden from us. Revealing who this enemy is that we are fighting. And yes, there is a real enemy of the people, and no it is not a projection of my own inner dark side or something like that. This war, with this enemy has been going on from before Jesus! Same basic entities and same basic agenda. Maybe just start with the last few years and go back from there so as not to overwhelm yourself. Master Lama Rasaji has the scoop on the way back spiritual stuff and you will do yourself a favor to got to: and get huge amounts of free stuff to edify yourself!!! Master Lama Rasaji is one of only 12 Lamas from the 3300-year-old Lamasery in the Tibet area. Learn Tai Chi Gung and do the 45-day challenge for free. Very empowering as you can experience the Divine on all levels more and more as you practice these simple and most ancient movements and breathing.

Mid-January, and into February and March I think you will see and feel the energy really spiring up and so take action getting ready for lots of new!! And to do lots of new!!! Mars retrograde has made me slow down physically and I have had a hard time being able to do what I really WANT and am getting more and more ready to do. It has not stopped me, but assisted me in going back over and really taking stock of how I can best get what I need to share out there. It is on Gemini the sign of communication and language etc. Getting really clear on what and how to spend time doing my communication and how my thought energy goes with my action energy. Good time for that! Great for learning about the frequency of thoughts and how that effects our actions as well as visa vera , how our movement effects our mental vibration. It really is about the TRUE CHANDA: Body Mind and Spirit are as One! Om Shanti Shanti Shanti, Om!!

Mars is right on the US Birth Charts Uranus in the 6th house and I feel that when it goes direct and gets momentum moving over it that way will bring a huge surge of something that will be undeniable for the masses and especially for the US people to see. Maybe in the media, not sure what it is exactly, Mars and Uranus together can be explosive and volatile. This is in Gemini in the 6th so makes me think it is could be about health in some way and news that needs to come up now about how our lives have been impacted in our everyday lives.

There’s more. There is more, there is always more in Astrology, and these are just some of the bigger transits of 2023:

In 2023 Saturn enters Pisces and will conjoin the US Birth Charts Moon soon in February. This is bringing a emotional and sober and maturing energy to the US and what we stand for. So, I hope we as a people still stand and can unite for Freedom, Justice and Truth! If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything, think about how that has played itself out in our culture, because of the mass hypnosis. This transit the feeling of something hitting home in an emotionally way for us in the US. It is Saturn conjoining our US Birth chart Moon and the Saturn moves into Pisces which itself could mean emotional responsibility and /spiritual maturation. It is in the 3d house of this chart and so feels like our immediate environments get effected this way. This reminds me of the NFL Football player that just almost died or may be dead here in the US. He did not have an abnormally strong hit to his chest. He was doing a regular play. This is close to home for many, but see there have been huge amounts of socker Players around the world and in Europe who have died suddenly from some kind of heart issue or Myocarditis. These athletes have the healthiest hearts in the world! Most of the athletes were forced to take the jab also. I do not want to upset my family or friends who have allowed themselves for all sorts of reasons to take these injections. There are so many I really care about especially those close to me and the whole world really. Get ready for it all comes out in the wash!

We are also called to embrace spiritual adolescence as Master Lama Rasaji explains about, and you can learn about for free. It is called Second Birth and it is about bringing in the higher frequency into your being. Cleaning your 4 D so the 5 D can become your dominant reality. Those are my words, and some of my experience. You can have your own.

Jupiter enters Taurus in May and conjoins the North Node and thus opposes the South Node the end of May and beginning of June!!! Karma lessons about value and money! Jupiter has been back and forth from Pisces into Aries for quite some time now. We only have a short time with expansive far reaching inspired Jupiter in Aries. Now until May to look further and bigger, to inspire and be inspired, to be brave and encourage it! I have said for a long time that we as a human race and culture in general really need to look much, much further back and much much further ahead. And yes, you can stay in the present and do that LOL!! Been hard to do as so much of history has been kept from us. NO MORE!

Pluto enters Aquarius this year in March giving us a tase of something very new with the cultural awareness and change. It is time for the masses awakening and taking back their power! It moves back into Capricorn in June, them forward to Aquarius January 2024 then into Aquarius in November of 2024 then it is done in Capricorn!! Talk about timing!!!

South Node moves into Libra and North Node into Aries in July 2023 switching up the major balancing lesson for humanity especially in the US as we are the ones the rest of the world is depending on us to Birth the 2nd Republic. You can hear a great Astrologer talk about his take on this and the New Year at: go to Unrestricted Truths and George H. Lewis gets interviewed by James Grundvig. I love James Grundvig , he interviews all sorts from rappers to military to scientists and all sorts of different medical people, and everyday people doing great things who bring out news you will not hear about. and I like his straightforward style! He loves God and he loves Truth! George H. Lewis is an Astrologer, Artist and Sound Healer! You will love listening to him and he and I are so on the same track with what we see for the US using Astrology. He is even more optimistic, and his passion is off the charts!

Also, the year of the Water Rabbit. Super in tune with the 28-day Moon cycle. Another thing that pushes my boundaries is that the calendar we have is all unnatural and does not honor the 13 moons. Thats my problem, maybe I can help change that!! Rabbits have 2 to 5 litters of young per year and with 3 to six young ones The Mother feeds the young in the morning and in the evening only. She stays away during the day so as not to bring attention to them and she feeds herself during this time. Within 28 days the young are able to be out on their own. They can stay in the nest but can survive on their own. If a new litter comes, she will kick out the older ones. So the 28-day Lunar cycle is huge this year and the water part is interesting because it brings more emotionality and subconscious, unconscious stuff to the surface. More cleansing and changing that way! Also, the frequency of water is important and we are like 70 percent or more water. Recognize the tides of movement within your life. Lots of fertility, opportunity and prosperity this year in all sorts of ways. Don’t box yourself in. Learn to recognize signs and be able to keep still and know when to shift from freezing to great speed like a rabbit can.

My initial vision about the Rabbit Year was of the many regular people, the masses, humanity in general getting clear on what has really formed their reality and finding out that they have almost willingly allowed themselves to be placed in a matrix that has very little to do with who they really are. Bunnys pupping up from a nice water cleansing with knowledge from the rabbit hole. There will be many surprises this year also, as the rabbit does not for shadow his moves to the enemy.

Hope you all have a year of continuous glorious epiphany!!!

If you want or need help seeing somethings in your own life, contact me and we can do an initial consultation for free and I can see how I may be able to help you with reading your Astrology Chart as well as with your Human Design Chart. Those 2 go together wonderfully for helping clarify and enlighten a person’s life path and soul intend as well as embracing their natural way of being and much more! It is great tool that works super well with Astrology and gives it more dimension.

Many Blessings and don’t forget to: Stand up and piss on the dreams of tyrants with your Liberty…yes even if you are girl…(okay girls can squat or sit). But let’s stand up together and use our Liberty so as to keep it!!

Liberty Lady Astrology and more for Spiritual Patriots World Wide

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